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Vanessa Velásquez is a model, content creator and socialite influencer with bachelors degree in Marketing, communications and business management.


At the age of 14 Vanessa began her modeling career with an international campaign for Maui and Sons, after this her career as a model skyrocketed in Latin America doing campaigns for Hush Puppies, Uno de 50, Adoc, Almacenes Siman and many others.


In 2014 Nine West hired her to become their first influencer in
Central America & post pictures on social media wearing the brand, 6 months later she became the only regional Brand Ambassador for the brand positioning Vanessa as the youngest and one of the most influential Salvadorean in the region. Months after this Vanessa was endorsed to Many other brands such as: Lancôme, Uno de 50, Purificacion García, Express, Swarovski, Pandora, Kerastàse & Multi Plaza.


In 2018 Vanessa started working with Dior and later traveled with Dior to Paris Fashion Week to a series of events that positioned Vanessa Internationally.


In November 2020 she was entitled as Miss Universe El Salvador and represented her country at the 96th Miss Universe competition in May 2021. During which She became image and worked campaigns for Olivia Quido, Mouawad and also made appearances during Miami Swim Week with designers as Giannina Azar, Adam Saaks, Ema Savahl and further began modeling in NYFW and LA, now based in US

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